Who oversees each paving job?

It could be one day paving job or the biggest job we’ve encountered, either way the one person you can count on being there is our very own boss. It’s under his guidance that we are able to deliver some of the most sought after paving services in Brisbane.

Where do you source your pavers from?

All your clay and concrete pavers and bricks are sourced directly from Clay Pave. We choose to work exclusively with Clay Pave, why? Because they provide some of the highest quality pavers money can buy at a price that is too good to be true.

How long will an average paving job take?

While times can vary from job to job, the average time taken to complete any amount of paving is 3 to 5 days. On average we need one day preparation; one day to lay your cement base; and one day to lay your choice of pavers. The number thing for you to remember is that… Read more »

What should I consider before requesting a quote?

Before calling for your initial estimate, we advise that you double check a few things: The approximate size of the area to be paved. The specific type and size of pavers you want to use. Whether or not you have any existing termite barriers (if applicable).  Whether or not a skip bin will be needed… Read more »

What’s the difference between road base and concrete paving?

Once upon a time, the road base approach was the standard; this involved laying down a compacted metal mesh for your pavers to be placed on. The problem with this approach was that the mesh was particularly susceptible to subsidence, plant growth and insects. Here at South East Paving, we currently use the more modern… Read more »